Erik Jansson

IT-Operations manager and developer with wide expertise.

Contact information

Email: me@<mynameinlowercasewithoutspace>.se

Email: please contact me for my number


Skype: brav0_




About me

I live in Stockholm but I was born in Katrineholm. I speak both English and Swedish fluently.

I'm a self taught creative problem solver and I've had a good hand with technology as long as I remember.

I thrive working in a competent team and I always try to think outside-the-box, bringing a different perspective to the table. I'm used to working on my own, solving problems independently, but I'm always happy to receive input.

My expertise is building and maintaining redundant high performance systems. I'm a developer at heart, but I love all technology and have a good hand with hardware.

I breathe Linux but I prefer having a Mac for my workstation, though I spend most of my time in the terminal.

On my free time I like to read, educate myself, play video games and sample exotic a beer with my friends. I'm also an amateur photographer and I enjoy the occasional photo-trip.

Technical Skills

Core Concepts

  • Server and network hardware
  • Automation and scheduling of tasks
  • Relation databases
  • Mobile applications
  • API's
  • Internet protocols and standards
  • Cross browser/cross platform development
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Email-clients, servers and protocols.
  • High availability/redundancy systems.
  • High performance, process optimization.
  • Large scale storage and backup.
  • Database scaling and replication
  • Software and hardware monitoring & alerting

Programming languages

  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Javascript
  • Regular Expressions
  • Python, PHP, BASH, Perl, Lua
  • C, Java, Objective-C

Software, tools and frameworks


Operating systems

  • Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Gentoo, Slackware)
  • Mac OS X Server
  • Basic Windows knowledge
  • Solaris, FreeBSD or other GNU supporting OS's

Proffesional Experience

Tranquil Solutions AB
Stockholm Oct.2012-Present

Consulting for operations, development, monitoring and hardware investments.

Some of my clients are Bloglovin',, Lifesum (Shape Up Club) and Forss Webservice.

Blogg Esse AB (
Stockholm Oct.2010-Present

Sweden's largest blog portal with over 1M users and 3M unique visitors per week.

My work here is maintaining the current software and hardware platform as well as scaling and planning it for the future. I am responsible for anything that has to do with IT; Operations, product development, purchasing, planning and architecture

IT-Operations Manager
Nyheter24-Gruppen (
Stockholm Jan 2012-Sept 2012

Nyheter24-Gruppen is Sweden's fastest growing media house targeting the internet generation (ages 15-44). Nyheter24-Gruppen holds Dayviews, Modette, Hamsterpaj, Filmtipset, Fragbite, Bloglovin, Tyda, LS8, och

My work here is developing and maintaining the many systems involved in all the sites. Uptime is critical, so a lot of the work is torwards maintaining and increasing that.

Server and systems consultant
Blogg Esse AB (
Stockholm Apr.2010-Sept.2012

Sweden's largest blog portal with over 1M users and 3M unique visitors per week.

My work here is maintaining the current software and hardware platform as well as scaling it for the future. In 2012 we started a rewrite of the whole system and expect to launch early summer 2012, in this project I've taken on the role as system architect

Server Operations Manager
Bilddagboken AB (
Linköping 2008-2012

Once Sweden's largest social network, 1.4M users and over 250M photos.

My work here has been everything from proof of concepts, writing front end code, designing new systems for new features, racking servers and patching cables. I built a scalable high performance, high availability self healing server system. I also handle negotiation and purchases of new hardware, warranties and licenses.

Forss Webservice AB
Katrineholm 2004-2008

Forss Webservice is a service oriented IT company, building systems and selling software and hardware to local companies, one of the biggest IT company in the region.

I built systems ranging from automatic billing to internet photo labs. I also had a lot of customer contacts and attended sales meetings.

ISDL (Information System Operations Manager)
Hkpflj. Swedish Airforce
Malmslätt 2003-2004

Malmslätt is the base of the Swedish Helicopter based force. The Helicopter force works woith all other branches of the armed forces such as the Navy and Army.

My task was to build and maintain staff computer and communication networks in the field. It was an interesting experience matching and trying to get different softwares to run together.

Programmer & Server Administrator
Jerntorget Sverige AB
Mora 2001-2003

Jerntorget built a software called WASP which solved a problem of distributing content over websites hierarchicaly.

My team designed and wrote the software and I built the server and software environment on which the system ran.


Privacy and Malicious Software
(DVA042) 7,5 ECTS credit points
Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Karlskrona 2006

Introduction to Java programming
(DV1105) 7,5 ECTS credit points
Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Karlskrona
Military Service 2003-2004
Hkpflk. Swedish Airforce, Malmslätt
Computer Science Program
Forsmarks skola, Östhammar 2000-2001
Natural Technology Program
Duveholmsgymnasiet, Katrineholm 1999-2000